I had my eyebrows done by Nina last August and have had one touch up so far and another touch up soon. I was impressed with Nina from the moment I walked into her studio. Her studio is very professional and clean. Nina is very thorough and explained exactly what she would be doing. It is obvious that she wants to do her best job possible and takes whatever time is needed to do so! She offers her recommendations but listens to your needs and what you want as well. I plucked my eyebrows when I was younger and had very little eyebrows left. Microblading was the best decision I’ve made and am so happy with the outcome. It’s made a huge difference in my facial appearance when looking back at old photos. I can’t wait for my next touch up! Thank you Nina for your flawless work. You are extremely talented!(Shelley V.)


Nina does good work. awesome results every time. I recommend her service to anyone. Clean and inviting n very professional. (Selita M.)

Nina will not let you leave until she had achieved perfection! I love not having to awkwardly pencil in my pathetic eyebrows every day. Her confidence in her abilities is quite a comfort especially when I have never done anything like this. (Krista S.)

Nina does not make you look good. She makes you look and feel GREAT! She continues to follow-up after the first session and even after the touch-up to make sure you are 100% satisfied. (Jenny D.)

If you want the best, of the best you found it! Nina is not only professional, but a perfectionist and listens to her clients wishes and delivers. She is confident and a true expert at her permanent makeup. So glad I found her. (Leah S.)

Professional, clean, and inviting studio. Love the work Nina does! She is extremely knowledgeable. (Yvonne C.L.)

Nina continues to impress me with her talent with each session I have had with her! Im so happy with her work and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Amazing results! (Nicole H.

I am absolutely in love with my brows done by Nina. The extra time saved in the mornings has been a game changer and I have more confidence knowing that my brows are always on point. Nina was very kind and professional during the whole process making me feel at ease about getting the microblading done. Would definitely recommend! (Marlena M.

Nina is so kind, professional, and competent! She took her time ensuring my brow shape and shade were perfect. She carefully went over instructions with me, and made sure I understood that this is a process; you MUST get that touch up!! Her studio is conveniently located, CLEAN, and very relaxing. If you have been wanting to get your brows done, Nina is your go to!! So thankful to have had my brows gifted to me by this incredible woman! Thank you Nina! Can’t wait to see you for my touch up in a few weeks. (Kelly W.)

Yesterday, I went back to work with my new eyebrows. I was concerned how people will react to it. Everyone liked them. The first thing people said: “you look so beautiful!!! What did you do?” Thank you Nina, for making me look beautiful. I love my eyebrows. 👍👍👍. I compared my eyebrows with other people who have done the same work at different place, and I can say my eyebrows look much better. I recommend Nina to anyone who wants to be pretty. Thank you again. (Luba L.

Holy grail… Nina has been… and will be my only eye brow artist I will ever consider! I’m half white and Filipino… I lacked thee “ideal” look in the eyebrow department since birth! I also dont have any tattoos.. this was the BEST decision ever to get my microblading done thru Nina. She is professional, respectful, talented and more than anytning… knows what shes doing!! If ever you are considering or want advice on microblading… Go to Nina for a consultation and procedure 🙂 I feel confident with her work and everything she does is worth every penny! (Emily R.)

I was so impressed with how professional Nina was and I was impressed with how she managed to make me feel so comfortable when I was apprehensive about doing microblading on my face. She continuously check to make sure I was doing okay during the procedure and she was very thorough with making sure everything was perfect. When she was finished I was elated about my appearance and it made me feel so good. I will continue to go to her as long as she keeps doing permanent makeup for all of my makeup needs. (Shannon D.)

The eyebrow process is seriously an art and I’m so glad Nina perfected it! I mean, this is my face we’re talking about here, I would never settle for anyone less than the best! No mistakes allowed. Y’all should only trust Nina with your beautiful faces! Thank you, Nina!!! (Geneva Cruz)

Nina did an awesome job on my brows. Now I don’t have to worry about my brows looking like Monalisa. But, seriously I highly recommend her if you want to have a perfect looking natural brows. It’s worth the price! (May Belle)

NINA!!!!!! You are absolutely AMAZING & so TALENTED!!!!!! I am IN LOVE with my NEW Brows! If you are thinking about Microblading, Nina is the ONE to go to! You will NOT be disappointed! I LOVE MY BROWS!!!!!! Thank You Nina!!!! (JamieLyn A.)

Nina is the best. She is very detailed and a perfectionist when it comes to making you look fabulous. She is so kind and absolutely will take great care of her clients. (Shauna L.


Thank You Nina for an AMAZING job. I love it. I can finally say “I woke up like this” hahaha ~ Kilay is Life 😄~ I would highly recommend her for your Eyebrow Transformation (Microblading). It’s really nice to wake up in the morning without worrying about my brows – it save me a lot of time as well 😊 – I’m sooo happy for the result – Thank you again girl 😘👏👏👏😘 (Jenny M.)

I had been considering getting my eyebrows microbladed for some time. I have been looking and researching for a while before I seen Nina advertise on fb (thank God). I looked at pics she had in here also Instagram and decided I had found exactly what i was looking for finally!!! I honestly can not say enough about Nina!! I was very nervous about the procedure until i got there and met Her. She is so sweet and funny she instantly made me feel comfortable! Her artistry work is beyond AMAZING!! She is totally a perfectionist! At the end she seen a little spot that wasn’t “perfect” she said nope I don’t send you off like that so she made them PERFECT! She does it in her own home which is beautiful and very clean. It is an amazing atmosphere the way her studio is set up. I will never go to anybody else for this….Nina is my girl!!! My twin teenage daughter’s went with me both times and they adored her also! If you are considering getting this done do not hesitate to go to her I promise you won’t regret it one bit!!! I will recommend her to all of my family, friends and anyone who asks! Thank you so so SO much again Nina you are truly the best!!! (Jody P.)

Nina was great from beginning to end . My anxiety quickly faded as her soft demeanor and professionalism took over . I will return and will recommend her to all who ask. (Maura M.)

Thank you Nina for helping me take 5-10 minutes off of getting ready every morning. Finally got microblading done over the weekend. Beauty is pain but it was totally worth it! If you can handle getting tattoos done, then you can handle microblading. It was just the scraping noise that made me think and feel like it was painful haha. But you can definitely ask Nina to numb you! I’m on day 3 of the care and cleaning process. As long as you wipe away the fluids from your brows and apply the ointment sparingly that Nina provides you, you shouldn’t feel the need to itch or scratch your brows. Well, I haven’t felt that I wanted to. (Elizabeth B.)

So grateful to have been connected with Nina through Kuya Rhoscoe Coquia (photographer) when I asked him for a MUA for my sister’s wedding last fall. Nina and her assistant Bianca did an amazing job beautifying not only my sister (the bride), but they also did my makeup, the other 4 bridesmaids makeup, my mom (mother of the bride), my 9 year old daughter (flower girl) and even airbrushed my brother-in-law (the groom). (Elizabeth B.)’d been thinking about getting my eyebrows microbladed for quite some time now and decided to finally take the plunge. Nina is a perfectionist and takes her time and the results are crisp, clean, natural, perfect eyebrows and I am in love. Thank you, Nina! Your work is flawless! (Tanya L.)

I had been in contact with Nina for about a YEAR before I finally decided to get my brows done. I did a lot of research on other microblading artists and had lots of questions and Nine is the best! She was patient with me and so helpful! I am VERY happy I went with Nina. She took her time to make sure my eyebrows were perfect and that I was 100% satisfied with them before she started the procedure. I felt welcome and very comfortable my whole appointment. I wouldn’t recommend any other person to do the procedure. She is the best out there! (Brittney B.)

Ladies, if you’ve been thinking of getting your brows microbladed, but haven’t done enough research or possibly even a little afraid of the blade? Well, look no further and hesitate no longer. I’ve had the misfortune of getting services rendered which I was very unhappy with and not to my standards from other artists. So, I continued researching various artist looking for someone with honed skills and professionalism. I’ve discovered the “Holy Grail,” of artists, Nina Dumpa! I cannot speak highly enough of her. The skills that she possesses are ones to be envied and worthy of accolades and has definitely superseded my expectations! Her professionalism is outstanding and her place of business is welcoming and comforting with a relaxing ambiance to it. I can’t express how satisfied I am with the work she’s done on my brows and for my confidence. With her superb skills, she doesn’t only give you a refined look on the exterior, she can definitely boost your self-esteem and bring back your confidence as she’s done for me. I highly recommend contacting her for a consultation. I firmly believe you’ll feel assured in her skills and let go of any uncertainties you may have about getting the procedure done. Again, thank you so very much, Nina. I look forward to our touch-up visit within a few months. (Chante S.)

Nina did such an amazing job on my eye brows I couldn’t be more happier! What I loved best was her process to ensure I was satisfied and her ability to triple check her work. First she drew out my brows and we did not start the blading process until I was in love with the style. The blading was in three sessions in which we took 5 min breaks in between each section. Prior to the third session Nina remeasured and made any necessary markings to get the brows as symmetrical as possible. I was given a mirror from the start so I was able to check on the progress along the way. Nina consistently ask for any feedback which was such a comforting feeling. Microblading usually takes about 2 1/2 hour. What I loved was that when I thought they were perfect Nina wanted to make a few minor “hairline” adjustments after the time frame.
If you wanted microblading done because you are a busy mom of 4, business owner, dance mom, football mom, and go to the gym a lot like myself BUT contemplated because you were afraid of the horror story you read on social media. Well your worries are over!!!! You can feel confident and safe with technician NINA! (Dayna O.)

I love my eye brows! Nina is a professional perfectionist! Peaceful atmosphere. I cant recommend her enough. I did a lot of research before calling and Nina’s reviews are true and accurate. She is very kind and makes sure your comfortable. She really does a great job. Love finally having eye brows and not have to draw them in. Totally fuss free. (Jessica M.)

I definitely would recommend going to see Nina to get your eyebrows done. My eyebrows are posted on her page. I had my eyebrows done a year ago to the date. The color was still there and looked really good. All she did was have to do touch up like she said and I absolutely love them!!!! If your thinking about getting her eyebrows done definitely give her a call!!! Thanks Nina for an amazing job!!! (Stephanie M.)I had been wanting to get microblading done for over a year and did a TON of research to find the right person! Nina went above and beyond – from the initial message inquiry providing details about the procedure, to deciding the right shape to the final result. Her attention to detail was so appreciated! Her workspace is clean, welcoming and she plays calming music. She is so kind, patient and I could tell that this is her passion! I have been recommending her to everyone I know that wants to get their brows done and it’s the best “luxury” I ever treated myself to! I love “waking up like this!!” (Ashley V.)

Love Story. Nina is very, very professional and detailed. I love the creative touches that she makes. Arrives on time (if not early). Very accommodating!

I was browsing through’s website when I came across the ad by Nina’s Studio. I was instantly wowed by her before and after phots. So the next thing I did was inquire on her rates. She responded right away. That was the beginning of a string of emails between the two of us up to my wedding day.

I would think of myself as an artistic person and Nina’s style clicked with my personality. I knew that I would book her at the time but I told myself not to be too hasty about it.

First of all, it was really hard for me to choose a hair and makeup (HMU) artist because I live in the United States and my wedding was in the Philippines. If it were up to me, I’d do a trial makeup from a few HMU artists before choosing the right one. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury. Ms. Nina was very nice in reassuring me that I need not worry because we’d work together until I am satisfied with the look that I wanted for my wedding. So… I booked her last December 2008 (or was it Jan 2009?). Yeah, it took me that long.

Come my trip to the Philippines, we had the trial makeup. Ms. Nina’s work impressed me right away. I sent her the picture of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle from the video “Love Story” around a week before we met. She told me that she studied it before our trial. I can’t believe how dedicated she was.

That same day, me and my husband were going to have our prenuptial photo shoot. Ms. Nina also did the (for the lack of better word) “makeup” for my husband – who was initially uncomfortable with the thought (I understand… guys don’t like the thought of having makeup on their faces). But Nina again, did a great job and made him comfortable about it. I’d also have to add that Nina’s makeup really looked great on the prenup photos.


We only trust her when it comes to our makeup. Ms Nina is a pleasant person to work with. I first met her in 2010 when she did our make-up for my sister’s debut. She made us feel comfortable and beautiful! Whenever she does my make up, I always get the best compliments because she only enhances my own beauty and didn’t transform me to look like someone else. She’s professional and has a good eye for details. She would consider how I would like to look but also suggests what looks good on me. She has been our go-to make-up artist whenever we have events to attend to. We even flew her from Manila to our province just to do my sister’s make up for her wedding! We only trust her to do our make-up because she is the BEST! I’ll even book her to do my make up for my own wedding! Can’t wait!

Ays De Velez

She’s my favorite HMUA. When I want to look my best, I have to say that the only person I trust to do my make up is Nina Dumpa. She did my make up on my wedding day and her team made sure I looked like a blooming Mom to be on my maternity photo shoot. When my sister and I were given our own cooking show, we made sure to book Nina right away. She made us look young and fresh on camera. Our last project with her was when she did our make up for our new cookbook, Eat Clean Love. Nina Dumpa is truly the best!


Simple yet elegant style of makeup. I first met Nina way back 2009 and that was the first time she did my make up for a company anniversary party. And I found her craft beautiful and amazing, there is simplicity into it yet you can see elegance. By that, I became her loyal client until the last party I attended to, my wedding day. She help made me feel confident and more beautiful without putting too much on my face. Not that much money too spend, great quality and professionalism is her thing.


Silver Wedding. Hey Nina if only you were able to hear all the praises about the way I looked and presented myself on my wedding day surely, you will be overwhelmed. You made it possible and I’m so grateful. Yes, So happy that my wedding day was so memorable. Fitting any bride who wanted to be most beautiful on the occasion, I would like to extend my thanks to some people who made it a reality. To Nina Dumpa, you are not only very professional you are a great artist! Thanks so much.

Cyles Fajardo

She is patient. Nina did my make up in several occasions and she made me look and feel beautiful every single time. She can do the deep sophisticated colors and the light, very natural look. She is patient. She was open to suggestions regarding the look I wanted and can achieve different looks/styles.


Nina did a wonderful job on my makeup for the day of my wedding. I absolutely loved the makeup. It was so natural and lasted all day, which was fantastic. If there are things that have to be absolutely perfect on your big day, one of them is your make up. It has been five yrs then and i am still thanking Nina for that fabulous work she did. I definitely found the right MUA!

Donna Garcia-Quejano

Magic Touch. I would absolutely recommend Ms Nina because she is truly a professional, creative make up artist and she is by far the best makeup artist I have ever worked with. She always delivers style and imagination with a beautiful manor, what ever the look, what ever the occasion, you will not be disappointed. She is fun and you will always be impressed, definitely book her for weddings, groups and parties. You will feel amazing after her magic touch and she gives great tips on how to look after yourself too. A must!

Ivy A.

Job Well Done!!! Nina Thank You so much for the job well done on my wedding day. My Husband really loved my makeup and my in-laws loved it too! They will recommend you daw sa mga friends nila. Di ako nagkamali sa pagpili sayo. I am very comfortable working with you. I hope we will be together again. I am going to enroll your class with my assistant so see you soon.
Thank you again!

Ces Torres

Fabulous Transformation!!! Thank you very much for another wonderful transformation. You did an excellent job with me and my mom. We are also very thankful that you are always on time and very professional when it comes to cleanliness. You don’t scrimp on all your make-up products which is good for sensitive skin like ours. I’ll always have you in mind when the occasion calls for being fabulous. You are so easy to talk to and so down to earth. We love you and we love your work! God bless you, Nina!!!

Artist Extraordinaire. Being unsure of what to expect for our prenuptial makeup session, me and my bride were a bundle of mixed emotions coming into Nina’s shop. It came as a surprise to us that upon entering, she called us out and talked to us like we were already old friends. It was there we knew we made the right decision.
From the beginning till the end of the session, Nina ensured that we were comfortable throughout, and constantly asked us if we liked what we see, or if we wanted something else. Needless to say, she brought out the best (aesthetically speaking) out of us. Not one to mince words, let me quote what my bride exclaimed: “Pumasok kami dito na parang bibili lang nang suka, lalabas kami na parang artista”.
Thanks Nina. Can’t wait for our wedding makeup session =)


I’ve found my make up artist! Knowing nothing about make up, I’ve always had a hard time when it comes to attending events. It’s either I go without any make up on and feel so undone, or resort to professional make up artists and feel overdone at times, or worse, looking not myself at all. Lucky for me though, I came across nina’s touch recently. When I looked at her portfolio, I just fell in love with the no make-up look and immediately booked myself an appointment in time for my friend’s wedding. I was greatly pleased with how I looked after nina did my make up. I still looked myself, only fresher and more radiant. Satisfied is an understatement, I loved it! Plus, the make up lasted from the morning wedding until the late night post wedding party! Too, it helped that nina was very warm and friendly. She even gave a few tips on proper skincare and basic make up know how— and a free tiny lipstick, to make sure I have one handy if there’s a need to retouch.


I’m Blessed! I wanna thank u for sharing your artistic talent with me! It’s such a great blessing to have your creative hands on my humble face… You don’t just transform someone but BRING OUT & ENHANCE someone’s own beauty! I am proud of you! It was nice & kind meeting you in Europe! Though we both have busy sched, we still made it! So happy! Thank you as well for the gifts from PI.. They’re wonderful! I can’t wait to go back there in PI & do photo shoots with you! GOD Bless & More power! Cheers to INDEPENDENT WOMEN!


My MUA for my wedding. Nina is an amazing artist, her personality shines through her work and she is truly a gift to all ladies who love to look beautiful. Her work is always unique and neat =) which i love =) she knows how to make every idea come to life through her skill and im blessed to have found an amazing artists like her =)she has done my make-up for many events and i promise! the day i get married which is a long time from now she will be my make-up artist =) nobody is allowed to touch my make-up ONLY NINA DUMPA FORVER hehehe love you nina!


The best MUA ever I super love your work!!! Everyone adores your work!! Even my mother in law is very pleased with the outcome. Keep up the good work! I highly recommend you to every brides to be I’m talking to. You deserve to be called one of the best make up artis ever!


I looked radiant and fabulous. I have not thanked you enough for making me look very good on my wedding day!!! Despite of my not-feeling-so-well disposition that day, I still look radiant! thank you thank you!! My pictures were fabulous because of your talent! I gave ur number to a couple of my friends because they really liked how i looked, ikaw na din daw ang kunin nila. Sayo na ako magpa-pamake-up from now on. God Bless and keep up that good work!


Fresh, beautiful and Younger looking. Thanks a lot for the job well done. I looked so beautiful and fresh and young! I’m blessed to have found you through my friends. More success to come in your career.


Beautiful Bride. Just got back from Dubai!I wasn’t able to thank you enough for making me so beautiful on my wedding… A lot of my friends just have one word to describe me – Beautiful. I will definitely visit you next time I visit Manila for my hair and makeup. Keep in touch… Ingat lagi and good luck!


Thank You. Thank you so much honey for making me look beautiful on my wedding day! I thought you can’t make it na but thank God you made time for me. See you soon and miss you already.


Beauty Queen. Thanks! Ang ganda ng makeup ko even my best friend told me that my makeup is perfect! I looked like a beauty queen on my wedding day. I love it!


I’m so happy I’ve met you. Thank you so much! I really love how you did my hair and make-up. I told my friends and family about you and I’m happy that my mom tried your service and she liked it. You know your craft very well. I’m so happy I’ve met you. I will surely take note of all your beauty tips you shared.


Magic ball make-up. Thank you sooo much for my fab hair and makeup for the star magic ball!! It was really very nice. My friends asked who did it and I gave your contact. Mwah! Till next time….on my debut.


Baddest MUA. Love you!!! You’re the baddest make up artist on the face of the earth! Thanks for making me look fabulous! I don’t know what I’d do without you!


Feel special and looking so good. Maraming maraming salamat sa napakagandang make-up mo sa amin on our wedding. Hinding hindi talaga namin makakalimutan yung araw na iyon kasi you really made us feel special and looking so good, the best make-up artist ka talaga and we are so happy that you were our make-up artist. We finally got our wedding album and wedding video from our photographer and we showed it to our families and friends and all of them said na maganda daw yung pagkaka-makeup mo sa amin. Kaya maraming salamat talaga. Ingat ka palagi and God bless you always.

Recilyn and Edwin

Magic ball make-up. Thank you sooo much for my fab hair and makeup for the star magic ball!! It was really very nice. My friends asked who did it and I gave your contact. Mwah! Till next time….on my debut.