Nina is very, very professional and detailed. I love the creative touches that she makes. Arrives on time (if not early). Very accommodating!

I was browsing through phbb.com.ph’s website when I came across the ad by Nina’s Studio. I was instantly wowed by her before and after phots. So the next thing I did was inquire on her rates. She responded right away. That was the beginning of a string of emails between the two of us up to my wedding day.

I would think of myself as an artistic person and Nina’s style clicked with my personality. I knew that I would book her at the time but I told myself not to be too hasty about it =)

First of all, it was really hard for me to choose a hair and makeup (HMU) artist because I live in the United States and my wedding was in the Philippines. If it were up to me, I’d do a trial makeup from a few HMU artists before choosing the right one. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury. Ms. Nina was very nice in reassuring me that I need not worry because we’d work together until I am satisfied with the look that I wanted for my wedding. So… I booked her last December 2008 (or was it Jan 2009?). Yeah, it took me that long.

Come my trip to the Philippines, we had the trial makeup. Ms. Nina’s work impressed me right away. I sent her the picture of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle from the video “Love Story” around a week before we met. She told me that she studied it before our trial. I can’t believe how dedicated she was.

That same day, me and my husband were going to have our prenuptial photo shoot. Ms. Nina also did the (for the lack of better word) “makeup” for my husband – who was initially uncomfortable with the thought (I understand… guys don’t like the thought of having makeup on their faces). But Nina again, did a great job and made him comfortable about it. I’d also have to add that Nina’s makeup really looked great on the prenup photos.

Mina Ivani