Testimonials - Nina's Touch

She’s my favorite HMUA

Barni said…
When I want to look my best, I have to say that the only person I trust to do my make up is Nina Dumpa. She did my make up on my wedding day and her team made sure I looked like a blooming Mom to be on my maternity photo shoot. When my sister and I were given our own cooking show, we made sure to book Nina right away. She made us look young and fresh on camera. Our last project with her was when she did our make up for our new cookbook, Eat Clean Love. Nina Dumpa is truly the best!

simple yet elegant style of makeup

Mercy said…
I first met Nina way back 2009 and that was the first time she did my make up for a company anniversary party. And I found her craft beautiful and amazing, there is simplicity into it yet you can see elegance. By that, I became her loyal client until the last party I attended to, my wedding day. She help made me feel confident and more beautiful without putting too much on my face. Not that much money too spend, great quality and professionalism is her thing.

She is patient

Sandy said…
Nina did my make up in several occasions and she made me look and feel beautiful every single time. She can do the deep sophisticated colors and the light, very natural look. She is patient. She was open to suggestions regarding the look I wanted and can achieve different looks/styles.

We only trust her when it comes to our makeup

Ms Nina is a pleasant person to work with. I first met her in 2010 when she did our make-up for my sister’s debut. She made us feel comfortable and beautiful! Whenever she does my make up, I always get the best compliments because she only enhances my own beauty and didn’t transform me to look like someone else. She’s professional and has a good eye for details. She would consider how I would like to look but also suggests what looks good on me. She has been our go-to make-up artist whenever we have events to attend to. We even flew her from Manila to our province just to do my sister’s make up for her wedding! We only trust her to do our make-up because she is the BEST! I’ll even book her to do my make up for my own wedding! Can’t wait! 🙂

-Ays De Velez

Silver Wedding

Hey Nina if only you were able to hear all the praises about the way I looked and presented myself on my wedding day surely, you will be overwhelmed. You made it possible and I’m so grateful. Yes, So happy that my wedding day was so memorable. Fitting any bride who wanted to be most beautiful on the occasion, I would like to extend my thanks to some people who made it a reality. To Nina Dumpa, you are not only very professional you are a great artist! Thanks so much.
~Cyles Fajardo